Healing Crystals ( Earth's Gems) have been in formation for millions of years within the earth. Their beauty, positive energies and high vibrational frequencies are what most people are energetically drawn to. We believe and highly recommend allowing your intuition to guide you in choosing the best crystals for you. Each crystal has its own particular vibration and frequency, which arise from their molecular structure. Adorning the body with these beautiful gemstone energies brings about incredible balance for your chakras as well as your auric fields. 

Chakras & Crystals

Chakra is the Sanskrit word that means 'wheel'. Every chakra receives and transmits emotional, spiritual and physical energy. Balancing the energies will benefit your overall well being. Each chakra is related to a specific part of the body and a spectrum color. There are 7 chakras with different energies that aligns your body, where the energy intersects and circulates. You can choose crystals to coordinate the chakra you desire to balance. If you are unsure which chakra to choose, simply select the crystals your intuition leads you to.

When worn, Crystals are known as a power hold for healing as they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow in and around the body and cleanse away negative toxic energy. Since they are naturally extracted from Mother Earth, they harness the energies of the sun, moon, and ocean (all natural healing energies) to improve our state of being. Crystals vibrate at the same frequency as humans and maximize the healing energies we already have.


Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide

As a beginner, if you are searching for the right crystal, that can be overwhelming. There are thousands of crystals with unique colours, energy, uses and structure. Not many people know about chakra balancing crystals and their healing properties. It's truly a life long journey of exploration and re-connecting to nature through its beautiful gemstones. There are multiple healing crystals used for  love, prosperity, balance, protection, healing and many spiritual self-development aspects of one's self. Each crystal has its own unique properties that can align your energy field. Enjoy the process and be open to receiving your desired outcome. 

Choose Your Crystal Intuitively Beautiful Soul ... You Are Divinely Guided And On The Right Path!